In the beginning…

Dream Horse Canadians started in 2003 with the purchase of our first Canadian mare. In 2004 came the addition of our gorgeous black stallion, Tremcel Kame Playboy. Playboy was a beautiful representation of the breed. I started searching out others that had these amazing horses. Finding people wasn’t as easy before facebook. I took to the CLRC website and was able to locate some of the other owners of the breed and made contact either by phone or email. I found a few people interested in helping to promote this wonderful breed. Late in 2004, I founded New England Cheval Canadien. In 2005  We made the trip back to Canada with Playboy in tow as a yearling colt. We took him to the Orono Show where I met many breeders. Playboy did extremely well placing first and second in his classes. What a great experience!


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